When I first heard in June 2021 about the “Live Anywhere on Airbnb” program, which offered a dozen people the chance for free Airbnb stays for a year, it sounded like a dream.

You see, I’d already been a digital nomad since October 2020. I’d first thought about doing it…

Distorted kitchen photo taken with a fisheye lens
When kitchen fisheye lens photos go wrong. Photo from OfficeList Blog

There’s two things I always look at when I’m considering an Airbnb location, particularly for the long term. That’s 1) the photos and 2) the reviews.

The Photos

I know, I know. “But Sharon! Didn’t you just tell us last time about how irrelevant many Airbnb photos are?” And yes…

A photo of a herd of goats that visited our Aruba unit every day.
We were charmed to discover that one of our Aruba stays featured daily goat visits. Photo by Sharon Fisher

When I’m searching on Airbnb for a place to live for a month or more, what am I looking for?

It can be challenging to figure out, based on a host listing, just what features a unit has. …

Screenshot of Airbnb search results using my typical parameters
Airbnb could make this tough decision easier to make. Screenshot by Sharon Fisher

Before you can ever stay at an Airbnb, you first have to find one. And as far as the search process goes, Airbnb could stand some improvements in that area. Let’s break it down.

1. Let me create profiles

Every time we look for an Airbnb, I need to re-enter…

Sharon Fisher

Sharon Fisher is a digital nomad who writes about technology and tourism. Sometimes at the same time.

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